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Blue Penguin Freeze Miser Faucet Freeze Protection 1.25 In. X 1.25 In. X 3.5 In.
Farm Innovators
  • Blue Penguin Freeze Miser Faucet Freeze Protection 1.25 In. X 1.25 In. X 3.5 In.

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    The Freeze Miser is threaded to an outdoor faucet by hand and operates like a thermostat - it senses the internal water temperature arriving to an outdoor faucet (not the air temperature). Activates when the water temperature hits 37 F. No water is allowed to drip until the activation temperature is attained. As the water temperature fluctuates, so does the drip. On average, the Freeze Miser uses one gallon of water versus the faucet drip method that uses upwards of 45 gallons over a three hour time frame. Saves money on yearly materials such as insulation, tape, coverings, and more. No batteries or electricity is required. Ideal for homes, farm/ranch, feed pens, vacation homes, rental property, gardens, senior citizens.

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    SKU 430440
    PartNo 6000A
    UPC 00040232290121
    Country of OriginMade in USA USA
    Size 1.25 In. x 1.25 In. x 3.5 In.
    Material Brass, Polypropylene
    CID 1
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