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Love Your Deck
Love Your Deck Umbrella Holder White - Limited Quantities
$69.95 Each
Color : White
2" x 12" x 8' #1 Yellow Pine Lumber
$18.40 Each
Actual Dimension : 1-1/2 In. X 11-1/4 In. X 8 Ft.
R-38 Kraft Faced Insulation 12" x 24"
$119.99 Each
Reduce heating and cooling costs by increasing the insulating value of walls, ceilings, and floors. Keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Adding insulation is the most cost effective way to reduce your energy costs.
Kraft faced insulation has one side manufactured with a paper which serves as a vapor barrier, and the paper tabs are used to fasten the insulation in place. A typical application is within exterior walls. A vapor barrier is needed to prevent moisture from moving from the heated space in the home to the colder temperatures outside.
40 sq. ft. Bag Blown Insulation
$14.79 Each
Creates a thermal blanket that fills gaps and voids to reduce air filtration, which keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This product can be applied over existing insulation or in new construction.
1-3/4" x 12' Overhanging Drip Edge White White
$9.99 Piece
Color : White
Length : 12'
Outside Corner Post Vinyl Siding Savannah Wicker
$22.99 Piece
Protect and tie your siding in with these outside corner posts. Accepts custom-cut vinyl siding panels.
5/8" Vinyl F-Channel White White
$13.99 Piece
Dimensions : 1-5/8 In. X 7/8 In. X 5/8 In.
Length : 12.5 Ft.
Color : White
Inside Corner Post Vinyl Siding Trim Sterling Gray
$17.99 Piece
Instead of using caulk or scrap pieces, tie your vinyl siding together with inside corner trim.
Lomanco 750 All-Aluminum Slant Back Roof Vent Brown Brown
$21.99 Each
Color : Brown
Overall Size : 16" X 20 5/16" X 5"
Opening Size : 8"
Net Free Area : 50 In2
Lomanco 750 All-Aluminum Slant Back Roof Vent Black Black
$21.99 Each
Color : Black
Overall Size : 16" X 20 5/16" X 5"
Opening Size : 8"
Net Free Area : 50 In2
5/8" x 2' x 4' #933 Random Texture Ceiling Tile
$6.99 Each
5/8 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft. drop in ceiling tile non-directional fissured contractor grade
1-1/4" x 8' Dur-a-bead Corner Bead
$4.59 Each
This durable bead is all-metal, galvanized steel reinforcement that installs easily by crimping or nailing to steel or wood framing through panels.
USG Sheetrock Brand Dur-A-Bead Corner Bead protects external corners, angles and panel intersections in drywall construction. It is concealed with our joint compounds, delivering a smooth, finished corner that protects corners from impact.
3/4" x 4' x 8' Birch Plywood
$96.99 Each
Actual Dimension : 23/32 In. X 4 Ft. X 8 Ft.
1/2" x 4' x 8' CD Yellow Pine MCA Pressure Treated Plywood
$42.99 Each
Structural plywood used for sheathing surfaces of a building prior to being covered with other materials such as flooring, siding, or roofing. C/D grade indicates that the face has knots and defects filled in while the reverse side may have some that aren’t filled in. Neither side has been sanded smooth or appearance grade.MCA stands for Micronized Copper Azole.

MCA is a copper-based wood preservative used in pressure treated lumber allowing for residential installations above ground, ground contact, or freshwater contact. Lumber pressure treated with MCA can be used in interior applications as long as all construction debris, including sawdust, is collected and disposed. Do not use in instances where the lumber could come in contact with food or animal feed. To keep the integrity of the pressure treatment, coat all cuts and holes which expose untreated wood with an end-cut preservative before installation.
80 lb. Bag of Type S Mason Mix Gray
$9.49 Bag
Color : Gray
#15 Felt Roof Deck Protection
$29.99 Roll
Coverage Area : 432 Sq. Ft.
Length : 144 Ft.
Width : 36 In.
Mineral Surfaced Roll Roofing Black 36 In. X 36 Ft.
$62.99 Roll
Coverage Per Square : 100 Ft.
Size : 36 In. X 36 Ft.
Lomanco 12 in. Aluminum Wind Turbine Black with Base 12", Black
$84.99 Each
Size : 12"
Material : Aluminum
Color : Black
Type : Internally Braced
Roof Pitch : Up To 12/12
Pkg Qty : 1
Package Type : Box
1-1/2" Vinyl Finish Trim Savannah Wicker
$9.99 Each
Vinyl Finish Trim, also known as Undersill Trim, is a necessary component to any siding job. It is used to hold the top row of your siding in place at the roof line and under windows.
14" x 50' Aluminum Trim Coil White 14" X 50', White
$119.99 Roll
Size : 14" X 50'
Color : White
Material : Aluminum
Thickness : .017"
Finish : Woodgrain
Pkg Qty : 1
Package Type : Box
4" x 12' Aluminum Fascia White White
$17.99 Each
Color : White
10" x 12' Aluminum Fascia White White
$34.99 Each
Color : White
Exhaust Vent Louvered Scalloped Sterling Gray Sterling Gray
$16.99 Each
Color : Sterling Gray
Venting Area : 12 Sq. In.
Locking Positions : 0.875", 1.125", 1.375", 1.625"
Exhaust Vent Louvered Scalloped Natural Clay Natural Clay
$16.99 Each
Color : Natural Clay
Venting Area : 12 Sq. In.
Locking Positions : 0.875", 1.125", 1.375", 1.625"