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SharkBite PEX Pipe Type B Coil 3/4 In. X 100 Ft., White
SharkBite/Cash Acme
  • SharkBite PEX Pipe Type B Coil 3/4 In. X 100 Ft., White

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    SharkBite PEX is cross-linked polyethylene tubing best suited for potable water supply applications and is strong, durable, flexible, and corrosion resistant so that it may be used either indoors or buried directly outdoors. SharkBite PEX features a repeating SharkBite imprint pattern that provides a visual aid to help you determine whether the tube has been fully inserted when using the SharkBite push-fit fitting range. Flexibility reduces the number of fittings need to complete a job, reducing cost. Installation is easy in either wet or dry conditions and allows immediate pressure testing. SharkBite PEX, which matches copper pipe sizes, allows a variety of connection options including SharkBite push-to-connect fittings, brass barbed fittings, or poly alloy barbed fittings. Manufactured to meet or exceed requirements of ASTM F877-2011a, CSAB137.5-2009 and NSF/ANSI 63. Pressure ratings: 160 psi @ 73 F, 100 psi @ 180 F, 80 psi @ 200 F. Available with red, white and blue print lines for the simple identification of cold water, hot water and main water lines.

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    SKU 405181
    PartNo U870W100
    UPC 00697285361003
    Country of OriginMade in USA USA
    Color White
    Size 3/4 In. x 100 Ft.
    Type PEX-B
    Outside Diameter 7/8 In.
    Pressure Rating 80 psi
    CID 1