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Flair-It PEX Pipe Type A 3/4 In. X 100 Ft., White
Flair It
  • Flair-It PEX Pipe Type A 3/4 In. X 100 Ft., White

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    Made of the finest cross-linked polyethylene (PEX). Flexibility that allows fast installation, bends easily around corners. Withstands freezing, gets stronger as the temperature gets colder. Tubing has been tested to withstand freezing down to -95 deg. F. Winterizes easily - can be used with most anti-freeze solutions. Repairs easily, should ever a frozen tube need thawing, simply apply heat, using a heat gun, the flexible tubing will not weaken from the applied heat. Type A PEX. Maximum working pressure: 160 psi (pounds per square inch at 73.4 F (degree Fahrenheit), 100 psi at 180 F, 80 psi at 200 F.

    Id 72507
    SKU 490059
    PartNo 16064
    UPC 00742979160643
    Country of OriginMade in USA USA
    Color White
    Size 3/4 In. x 100 Ft.
    Type PEX-A
    Outside Diameter 7/8 In.
    Pressure Rating 80 psi
    CID 1