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Havahart Live Squirrel Trap
  • Havahart Live Squirrel Trap

    $45.76 Each

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    X-small 1-door trap is an efficient and humane solution for your small animal trapping needs, and is designed with safety in mind. Inside the trap, the steel edges have all been smoothed to prevent injuries to the animal during transport. To keep you safe, a protective handle guard and sturdy door lock provide a layer of protection between you and the animal. You do not need to be an animal trapping specialist to work this trap. The easy-to-use design, as well as the gravity-action door, makes setting simple and allows you to lift the door from the top to avoid coming into contact with the animal. Each trap is constructed with galvanized, rust-resistant steel mesh to increase its durability in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

    Id 13912
    SKU 755672
    PartNo 0745
    UPC 00036348007456
    Country of Origin China
    Material Galvanized Steel
    Length (In.) 16
    Width (In.) 6
    Height (In.) 6
    Number of Doors 1
    CID 1
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