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Chef Craft 20639 Stir-Fry Spatula, Bamboo Blade
Chef Craft
  • Chef Craft 20639 Stir-Fry Spatula, Bamboo Blade

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    Chef Craft stir fry tool is not only contoured to make cooking in a wok easy, it also is made of bamboo which makes it better than traditional wooden tools. Bamboo doesn't soak up water the same way as wood does eliminating the gray mildew that always seems to cling to wooden spoons after a while. Also, bamboo is much friendlier to the environment, because it grows very quickly and cutting it down impacts much less than its slower growing tree counterparts.

    Id 244650
    SKU 5573001
    PartNo 20639
    UPC 085455206399
    Country of Origin China
    Blade Material Bamboo
    Handle Material Bamboo
    Handle Length 12 In
    CID 9