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Dundas Jafine Duct Dryer Hose Kit
Dundas Jafine
  • Dundas Jafine Duct Dryer Hose Kit

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    Kit includes: 4" x 8' dryer duct, plastic duct to dryer connector, and optional plastic extension piece. Connects clothes dryer exhaust port to exhaust duct. Friction fit for an easy connection that does not require clamps or duct tape. Connector is made of UL94 rated, flame-resistance plastic for a safe connection. Enables dryer to be placed close to a wall and prevents dryer from crushing the duct. Easily removed from exhaust port to allow for regular cleaning.

    Id 91179
    SKU 276243
    PartNo TD48D2DZW
    UPC 00060672131754
    Country of Origin Canada
    Duct Type ProFlex Flexible Aluminum
    Pieces In Set 3 Pc.
    CID 1