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Honeywell CT30A Non-Programmable Thermostat
  • Honeywell CT30A Non-Programmable Thermostat

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    The Honeywell CT30A1005 heat only thermostat is non-programmable and has low voltage controls with a snap-action switch for heating systems. This unit does not require leveling and is not compatible with electric baseboard heat, heat pump systems or multi-stage heating/cooling systems. For straight-forward temperature control, there's no substitute for Honeywell's non-digital thermostats. Non-digital thermostats control heating and cooling in your home simply and effectively. Aesthetically pleasing and simple to use, Honeywell non-digital thermostats have been the industry standard for over 50 years.

    Id 267783
    SKU 0275248
    PartNo CT30A
    UPC 085267262392
    Country of Origin Mexico
    Sensor Type Bi-metal Temperature
    Mounting Type Wall
    Dimensions 3.12 In W X 0.88 In D X 3.12 In H
    Suitable For Heating System
    Includes Mounting Hardware, Wallplate
    CID 9
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