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Hillman Fender Washer 5/16 In.
Hillman Fastener Corp
  • Hillman Fender Washer 5/16 In.

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    Zinc-plated fender washer has a larger surface area than standard flat washers. Commonly used in sheet metal work, plumbing and electrical applications.

    Id 75962
    SKU 766517
    PartNo 290027
    UPC 00008236090345
    Country of Origin China
    Size 5/16 In.
    Material Steel
    Finish Zinc
    Type Fender
    Diameter 1-1/2 In.
    Inside Diameter 11/32 In.
    Thickness 0.08 In./0.51 In.
    Package Size 100 Pcs.
    Package Quantity 100
    CID 1